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    Time is money, Coinkow is designed to provide you with the fastest and easiest access to Bitcoin

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  • Why is bitcoin? A New Kind of Money

    True financial freedom

    No single entity controls bitcoin. It is completely transparent but at the same time anonymous. It gives you the ultimate privacy and control over your own money.


    The network is supported by computers all over the world. Bitcoin cannot be shut down without shutting down the internet.

    New type of investment

    Bitcoin is like digital gold. People are buying it to diversify their investments

    Better way to move money

    It is cheap and easy to send bitcoin to family and friends compared to traditional fiat currencies.



Currency Calculator

Calculate Bitcoin rates with latest rates always. And that too in three different currencies. Plan your purchase by calculating your funds vs Bitcoin. This price refers to Bitcoin exchange itself so whenever you land on the page, you will see the latest updated BTC value.

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